Spain and Portugal in pictures

I’m embarrassed to admit I never made it to Spain or Portugal in all the years I lived in Europe. They had always been on my wishlist but there was always somewhere else to go — especially in the early 1990s when post-revolutionary Eastern Europe was the most exciting place to be.

So when went back to Europe in 2016 to see some old friends and my favourite aunties, I managed to partly make up for my earlier omission by sneaking away for a quick visit to these fabulous countries. With only 10 days I had to limit my trip to a few bucket-list items in Spain — the Basque country, Santiago de Compostella, Picos de Europa and the Cares Gorge — and the merest taste of Portugal.

Brief as my trip was, it was enough to convince me I need to go back. I just hope it’s soon…

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